Hilliard Rug Cleaners, where we hand wash all types of area rugs, has been serving the South Florida area since the 1930s. We also repair, restore, and deodorize rugs, making us your number one choice for keeping your rugs in excellent condition. Our store, Gables Oriental Rugs, has a huge selection of rugs, including hand-woven, antique, Oriental and Persian, plus rug padding and tapestries. We have rugs to add color, comfort, and style to your living space or workplace. Contact us for more information on our services!
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Serving both commercial and residential customers, we offer rugs for sale as well as services to keep your rugs clean, fresh smelling and in good condition.

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Give us a call today and say goodbye to that stained rug or bare floor. We will clean and restore the rugs you have and provide you with a wide selection of rugs you'll want!

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